Noo Yawk,
New York

New York City English is a regional dialect of American English spoken by residents of the five boroughs and surrounding metropolitan area. In part due to its pervasive media portrayals, it is one of the most recognizable dialects in the continent.

While the dialect itself is constantly changing—some even fear the New York accent is dying—its unique character is representative of the city's rich history of European immigration.

Younger generations are beginning to leave the accent behind, likely because of its connotations of being lower class, ethnic, or crude. Through this project, I aim to honor New York City English as a stamp of regional pride.


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Noo Yawk, New York was designed and
developed by Gillian Fink at the Sam Fox
School of Design & Visual Arts for her 2020
Communication Design BFA Capstone.
Special thanks to Jonathan Hanahan and my
talented, supportive classmates!